A little too honest.

I probably shouldn’t show you this, but…

I realized that with my small child trapped in the high chair I could clean up yesterday & today’s mess under her eating area that I had left to dry out. Before I did I was struck with the multitude of treasures I saw: frosted mini-wheats, cheese, play-doh, captain crunch, pretzels, raisins, ikea pencil, edamame, saltine cracker, pasta, bread, macaroni and cheese, and of course the froot loops I was feeding her for lunch. (Hey, I’m sick, give me a break!) I thought it warranted a photo.

The house we live in has a carpeted dining room (stupidest idea ever) so we have this funny brown rug that is supposed to go on your outdoor patio which means you can just hose it down. Best investment ever.

But seriously, is my child actually eating any of her food? Or just play-doh and ikea pencils?

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5 Responses to A little too honest.

  1. natalie says:

    haha…sorry you are sicky! That is a good collection of stuff on that rug! Maybe you should get a dog 😉

  2. Momo says:

    Hope your landlordette doesn’t read your blog.

  3. Esther Weller says:

    Is that bad? I think it looks pretty standard (at least at my house). Also, you don’t have be sick to feed your kids fruit loops for lunch. Trust me.

  4. Heather says:

    This just made me feel sooooo much better. My dining room is very similar right now, carpeting included. However, I am not smart enough to put an outdoor rug under it all. I used to use a shower curtain, but have yet to replace it since I cleaned it 3 months ago.

  5. Bookie says:

    Sorry you’re sick. Wish I was there to clean it up for you. That is what old ladies are for! Oh yeah, reading to the kids too! Instead I am sitting outside soaking up the sunshine, looking at a loaded Navel Orange tree and reading a good book by Jeannette Walls with a diet coke at my side. Sorry, I just had to say that!

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