3 Month RVersary

As we sit here in super freezing Tucumcari, NM, I realize that today is the 27th, and that means it has been 3 months since we left exotic Orem, UT.  I thought since I am awful at updating, I would make a long list of places (in order) we have traveled to (slept at) since then.

Orem, UT
Winnemucca, NV
Denio, NV
Chiloquin, OR
Crater Lake, OR
Fort Klamath, OR
Diamond Lake, OR (Boondocking)
Silverton, OR
Scappose, OR
Silverton, OR
Lincoln City, OR
Silverton, OR
Medina, WA (Moochdocking)
Fall City, WA
Moses Lake, WA (Moochdocking)
Libby, MT (Moochdocking)
Kalispell, MT (Moochdocking)
Missoula, MT
Butte, MT
Idaho Falls, ID (Moochdocking)
Yellowstone, WY
Wapiti, WY
Sheridan, WY
Devils Tower, WY
Hill City, SD
Evanston, WY (Walmart)
Springville, UT
Hurricane, UT
Page, AZ
Albuquerque, NM
Tucumcari, NM

Do you need a nap?  I do.  I tried to make this on a map but it broke google maps and mapquest.  So maybe I will try harder some other time, but we estimate about 5,000 miles or so.

Currently we are headed to Dallas, TX (to arrive before December 7th) so that we can fly to Miami for Aaron’s work.  After South Dakota we were supposed to be driving towards Florida, but I found a crazy tooth in the roof of Harmon’s mouth so I forced us back to Utah to see our dentist.  Minus two baby teeth and a trip to the orthodontist, he will be fine in the end.  (After years of orthodontia…)

Things are going pretty well.  People ask how long are we going to do this, the answer is always “depends on the day”.  A few weeks ago I had a mini-meltdown and said I wanted to quit, but the next day I was fine again.  Frustrations: No personal/free time, nowhere to put Mikey safely to keep him away from insane 3-year-olds, everything takes longer, everything breaks, etc.  But then we have great days where we see new amazing things, or reunite with old old friends and it seems beyond excellent.  We will wait until after we get back from Florida to decide what our next destination/plan is.

But my question is, how long did you bet we would last?

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