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It was quiet. Too quiet.

And then I found this: And like any good parent, I took a picture before getting my child to safety.

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An Important Lesson For Stupid People

If you go to the grocery store and are getting grapes that your husband has requested and you find that they don’t have a price on them because they have switched locations don’t just assume that they cost what they … Continue reading

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More Sammy

Because you asked for it. She’s growing on Harmon. Sort of. A few more here.

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Home Birth Decision & Birth Story

Long, overly detailed birth story can be found here. I don’t want to scare anyone just stopping by this blog. So, if you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever have a baby at home, I … Continue reading

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A girl named Sam

That’s Sammy, if you don’t mind. Samantha if I don’t know you well enough, and Samantha Jane when I’m in trouble. Which isn’t too often. Mom’s forgiven me (I think) for all the tricks I played on the inside. You … Continue reading

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Look What I Made

Samantha Jane Evans Born at home* on 12.15.09 at 7:24am8lbs 10oz, 21″, 36cm head circumference So far she enjoys eating and pooping. And also making her brother angry. We like her. *more on her planned homebirth in a later post

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I am having this baby today. For sure. Soon. Update later.

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Tick Tick Tick

The pains are getting stronger and closer together. But after 4 days of starting and stopping, I’m not holding my breath anymore. You know, because I may pass out or whatever.

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Master Jinxer

Labor stopped. So rude. I guess my child is waiting for her grandfather’s birthday after all? Or maybe she wants her father to go to his job interview at lunch today? Either way. I’m not really happy.

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Finally!!! (Jinx)

I am in early labor. It’s about 10pm. Please let it continue and my baby come out. I will update you as necessary my faithful blog readers.

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