A girl named Sam

That’s Sammy, if you don’t mind. Samantha if I don’t know you well enough, and Samantha Jane when I’m in trouble.

Which isn’t too often.

Mom’s forgiven me (I think) for all the tricks I played on the inside. You can get away with a lot when you’re this cute — that’s the first thing big brother taught me.

He’s a bit jealous already, but can you blame him? He’ll get over it plenty quick. I can tell we’re going to get in some good tr– I mean have some good times together.

Dad seems alright, but he’s a bit of a momma’s boy. I’m used to a rougher crowd and I’ll have to whip him into shape. I haven’t been outside yet (outdoors that is) but that’s where I plan on spending most of my time. And he’s going to be the one taking me there, at least until I’m old enough to go on my own.

I’ll let him and the old lady think they’re in control for a while. I’ll play that “low-maintenance tomboy” act too until the right moment and then blindside them.

Speaking of which, I like her a lot. She’s got just what I need and she’s a great cuddler too. I liked her so much that I decided to stay inside a couple weeks longer than was strictly necessary. She doesn’t look too bad from the outside either, though she should really take naps more often. A girl needs her beauty rest, you know?

I got to give Dad props for snagging her, though. What she sees in him is anybody’s guess, but if she likes him he can’t be all that bad. He doesn’t exactly “take my breath away” but I did take my first breath in his arms. I hear he likes swimming too, so that’s something we have in common.

Harmon’s a bit of a puzzle, but I’ll figure him out. They talk about him protecting me, but I can see he’ll need my protection too once we get older. I’ll have to do my part to shield him from the wiles of women. And teach him some manners too.

Well, mom’s finally out, so I’ll just close my eyes for as long as I can lay here a while so she can get some rest. But I’m getting kinda hungry.

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One Response to A girl named Sam

  1. Jenna says:

    Samantha, this is your friend Addison. Isn't it great to make our mom's wait for so long and tease them so? But don't worry, it's great being outside, better than I thought it would be. Don't worry, in no time you'll be loving it too. For now, enjoy your rest and the fun times that are to come. I do hope that I get to see you sometime soon, cause I sure have missed you and Teyah since I left in July. We'll have to all get together again soon. Let's remind our mom's about that!! Once again, welcome!!

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