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The Spanish Experiment

So I supposedly speak some Spanish. Or a lot. And although we speak a few words to Harmon, I doubt that will get him the fluency level that could be achieved if I spoke it regularly. But I ALWAYS forget. … Continue reading

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10 months

Harmon’s growing up. And getting into lots of trouble. And standing up. And he’s cuter than ever. A little over a week ago, Harmon was getting into trouble, so I put him in a laundry basket. That kept him happy … Continue reading

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THUMP: A Mystery

Last night: 10:35pm: Aaron goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I hear a thump which I assume comes from him knocking over the mouthwash or something. Upon exiting the bathroom he asks if I made the thump. … Continue reading

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Birthday Surprise

I was uploading pictures today and remembered what I found when making myself my favorite food for lunch on my birthday: That’s right, free baby corn with my corn. I know, I felt it to be a birthday miracle as … Continue reading

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Dear "Safety 1st"

Dear Safety 1st, You make lots of things. Lots of good things. These are not good: Harmon is 10 months old tomorrow, and it took him two tries to pull these out. He didn’t even have to press the tab … Continue reading

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Me: 26 or 25 or some number of weeks fat, you choose.

Actually you don’t get to choose, I was lying. I went in for another ultrasound (performed by the exact same technician) and was told that I am measuring exactly for 12/11/09, the exact same date as 4 weeks before, or … Continue reading

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My Birthday 2009

The day after my birthday is not my birthday everyone. Also, Aaron made me the BEST cake ever. It was chocolate. From scratch. With chocolate frosting. From scratch. With blackberry syrup/topping. Of course, from scratch. It is better than my … Continue reading

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Kelsey is getting old

This morning, Kelsey’s mom called her to wish her a happy birthday. Kelsey replied, “Are you tired from working all night giving birth to me (she paused) twenty eight years ago?” I interjected “Twenty seven! You’re only twenty seven years … Continue reading

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Sometimes Traffic is Ok.

Both of these happened within two minutes of each other: Dear lady driving purple car with purple steering wheel cover, Nice choice. It was the only way to make your car even more silly. Thanks for making me laugh,Kelsey ——————– … Continue reading

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True Love 2

11:14pm: I am awake in bed, like always. Aaron is trying to go to sleep, but it’s hard with me chattering on incessantly. I am starving like always and suddenly decide that scrambled eggs would be delicious but of course … Continue reading

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