THUMP: A Mystery

Last night:

10:35pm: Aaron goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I hear a thump which I assume comes from him knocking over the mouthwash or something. Upon exiting the bathroom he asks if I made the thump. He checks the yard and all the doors. Maybe it was the fridge turning off it’s high cycle, it is pretty loud. No big deal we decide.

10:42pm: Reading in bed, about to go to sleep. Congratulating myself that it is “so early”. THUMP from Harmon’s room (on the other end of the house from the fridge). We both jump up and run in at lightning speed. He was asleep until we got there, but the motion sensor light right outside his room is on right by the side yard gate. Harmon is happy to see us and wonders what game is going on with mom and dad looking out all the windows.

10:43pm: Aaron goes out and checks the entire front and back yard, I watch out the window to make sure he doesn’t get ambushed (yes I am paranoid). Also we think maybe a car hit the fence tripping the light? We get a lot of accidents on the corner by our house.

10:50pm: After determining there are no bad guys in the yard, I am still shaken up. I decide Harmon needs to sleep in our bed for safety from bad guys.

11:05pm: Harmon thinks this is the best night of his life. He is laughing and smiling and climbing all over in the bed. Eventually we tire of his cuteness and I settle down enough to make him go back to bed in his room.

11:30pm: I get Harmon pretty much asleep, and walk to the front room to turn off the porch light. I walk back in the dark and kick a toy mailbox full of blocks and send them flying everywhere and treat our house to another loud noise. Sorry everyone. Harmon awake again.

11:55pm: I am still in bed trying to figure out what the thump was. I finally let myself believe it was a bird (or bat?) because they do fly into our house during the day a ridiculous amount. And a bad guy that is so loud is not a very good bad guy, so we could totally beat him in a battle. So either way, I guess it’s safe enough for sleeping now.

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