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The Green Fort

I feel like I saw this fort a long time ago, but then forgot. Then last week I saw it again, and knew we had to make it. I purposely didn’t post hers on here because hers is 200 times … Continue reading

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Or “How Gringos & Ecuadorians Celebrate Carnival in Ecuador” If you like water fights, you would like Carnival in Cuenca. If you don’t, then you better stay indoors. Starting on Saturday, water and foam spray fights began breaking out across … Continue reading

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How Ecuadorians Celebrate Valentine’s Day

First I should note that this is purely my speculation, which most of you know, but since I get a lot of hits on the blog from people searching for “Ecuadorian Superstitions” I thought I should throw that disclaimer out … Continue reading

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Church Distruptions

Luckily today I am not talking about my children. Today I am talking about a giant black butterfly that flew into the chapel mid-meeting and did not disturb the meeting near as much as you would have thought. Right now … Continue reading

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Wedding Ring

Sammy and Harmon have a good friend named Leah. When Leah’s mom decided to have another baby and it turned out to be a boy, the double wedding was set. This was a while back, but it’s important. As good … Continue reading

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One Month In Ecuador

It is hard to believe we’ve been here a month. Ok, technically a few more days, but since we paid our second month’s rent yesterday, it counts. I am happy to report we have made pretty good progress in a … Continue reading

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How to Sponsor a Child

I have been busy lately. Doing a lot of writing. But obviously not here. But where you ask? Oh, I will tell you. I have been writing updates on the beautiful orphans for sponsors! What? That sounds awesome, you want … Continue reading

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Aaron Didn’t Electrocute Himself Today

But he almost did. You see, when we moved in we had two small electrical issues: 1. the light switch in the kitchen had three buttons going to three lights, but one button was missing 2. the bathroom light switch … Continue reading

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Viva Aaron!

Today Aaron was offered a telecommute job. Woohoo! He will do a trial week and then they will either keep him or set him free. Hopefully the first. We are excited as it possibly means we can stay here for … Continue reading

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