One Month In Ecuador

It is hard to believe we’ve been here a month. Ok, technically a few more days, but since we paid our second month’s rent yesterday, it counts. I am happy to report we have made pretty good progress in a month. Here is a list of our accomplishments for your condensed reading pleasure:

-Rented a house
-Bought some furniture (we would have bought more, but we don’t have any more money)
-Did 30 loads of laundry by hand
-Potty-trained Sammy
-Aaron got a job
-Started Preschool
-Learned how to make aji (favorite spicy dip made from tree tomatoes)
-Learned how to make rice at over 8,000ft
-Found some good ways to help OSSO
-Visited my favorite nun
-Helped my dad book his trip to visit
-Uploaded 12 photos
-Visited lots of great orphans

I’m not going to lie, this is kind of a silly list, but it could have turned out that we had a hard time finding somewhere to rent, and at this point we would be without a house, a job, money, and could quite possibly be discouraged and thinking about changing out return tickets to next week. So I call Month 1 a success. Can’t wait to see what Month 2 brings.

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One Response to One Month In Ecuador

  1. natalie smith says:

    It is a great list. Think of how much of a life and routine you have created for you and your family. It is amazing.

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