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Our site is back up and we’re in California.

A few months ago, I upgraded the server that our website is hosted on, and I managed to break the server.  Of course, I didn’t get around to fixing it until now. Oh yeah, and we stopped traveling around the … Continue reading

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Snakes on a Truck (the untold story of our move to Utah)

shall remain mostly untold. It was a grueling 3 day passage. We left Bellevue one evening after stops at Esther’s and chasing Kelsey’s dad at the Church. He gave the kids a ride in his race car around the parking … Continue reading

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Holey Moley!

A couple weeks ago I was working downstairs while Kelsey was cooking a delicious dinner. Suddenly I heard a rumbling thump. I knew immediately what it was but I was paralyzed with a knot in my stomach. Sammy was falling … Continue reading

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One of Kelsey’s friends is getting married and sent us a link to their website. Not to be outdone, we decided to engrave our names on the interwebs, and it only cost $5 (for the first year.) For those of … Continue reading

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After the nap

It’s another lazy Saturday at the Evans house.  Kelsey almost got a nap with the kids after our morning walk.  We decided to not go surfing at the coast with a friend because she was tired and I still have … Continue reading

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First steps

Sammy took her first steps today.  They were tentative 1-2 fall into your arms type of things, but we also got a couple of 3-4s in there too.  We’ll get more in before the night is over. Harmon wasn’t to … Continue reading

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Crash Cars

Last night we took Harmon to the demolition derby.  We left Sammy with G-Pop (Kelsey’s dad) and Grammy because it was at night and it was too late for her.  It was past Harmon’s bedtime too, but this was more … Continue reading

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New piano

Kelsey’s mom is moving.  She’s moving from a big house to a small house.  So she doesn’t have room for her piano.  So she gave it to us. (How nice!) She moved a load of stuff today, and had CSI … Continue reading

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The Best Yoga Class EVER.

Yoga video + 8-11 year old girls = AWESOME. If you are in charge of teaching/entertaining a large group of 8-11 year old girls twice a month, I highly recommend having them do a yoga video. These girls always say … Continue reading

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It’s no secret that I more often than not love my friends’ moms. My friends’ moms are in large part what influenced my friends to be who they are, their spunkiness, their kindness, their sense of humor, etc. Some of … Continue reading

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