An Important Lesson For Stupid People

If you go to the grocery store and are getting grapes that your husband has requested and you find that they don’t have a price on them because they have switched locations don’t just assume that they cost what they normally cost. You may get home later and look at your receipt and cry.

In other news:

Dear Fred Meyer,

Why did you move the grapes and “forget” to move the price with them? Coincidence? I don’t think so. You knew that I was coming and that by the time I got to the grapes my 14 month old would be trying to leap from the cart and/or poking his 13 day old sister in the face and so I wouldn’t think too hard about your evil pricing plots. We are fighting.

They better be tasty,

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3 Responses to An Important Lesson For Stupid People

  1. Jessica says:

    how were they?

  2. Jacki says:

    what the H are you doing at the grocery store already? with TWO kids? i haven't even tried that yet.

  3. Momma Drama says:

    Hope they taste like gold.
    I bought grapes yesterday at Target and as the girl was ringing them up the spaghetti squash sort up slipped onto the scale at the same time. That made the grapes $8. I did not buy 4 lbs of grapes, so I had her ring them up again. $4. Magic. I have learned my lesson about watching the scanner.

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