Finally Settled

Well, it’s official, we’re staying in the apartment. We went to the house and it is almost done and blah blah long story short it’s a better choice just to stay here. We are happy to finally be set on one place and also really excited not to have to move again. So if you come visit now you can’t stay at our big house but you can stay in our big apartment instead. It’s also many times the size of our last tiny house so we are happy.

We had our first mutual today and it went pretty well. We had 3 out of 5 show up, and fed them pizza so they seemed to like us well enough.

Yesterday we went to the boy’s orphanage just to say hi to Sor Teresa and ended up playing with the kids who were done with their homework for a while. They enjoyed Aaron’s animal noises a lot. They got a new little guy yesterday who is really cute but too little for futbol. I’m sure he’ll still have fun on Saturday anyway.

That’s all. Oh wait, we got Skype, so you should too, or if you have it you should use it to call us.

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