We just experienced a minor earthquake. We’re ok. The building is still standing. Power’s still on. Preparing a grab bag now in case anything more happens. More info later, though there’s nothing to report now.

Love you all.

more info:

It was 6.7 90 miles east of Cuenca.
I filled out the survey and it says that it felt like an intesity 4 from here. I thought it was more, but we are at the top of a building.

It doesn’t look like any damage around town. Only heard 1 siren, and the power’s on all around town (which is surprising because it goes off nearly every other day in a thunderstorm.)

Anyway, we’re going to go back to bed and Kelsey won’t get any sleep for all my tossing and turning. What else is new?

Oh yeah, this is my first post on our blog

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