Does that alarm have a purpose?

This blog post is really for no one but myself so in several years when I am trying to remember about Ecuador 2007 I will remember this: The building in which we live is mostly filled with offices, and on the bottom floor Japon Almacenes (an electronics store of sorts). Said business has this really great alarm which goes off ALL THE TIME. Why? I don’t know. The shop is closed, the front doors are locked, no one is trying to get in. And so it goes off. For an hour or so. Then it stops. Then it will go again. No one comes, no store employee, no guard, no police. So then, what is this alarm for? I assume to drive any one actually trying to reside in our building nuts. Today it is working most effectively on me.

Another note of greater importance: the two kids from the previous blog met their parents today and were SO happy. I asked the boy if he had indeed said to his father: “Papi, blanket”. The answer was yes, and then he proceeded to show me a blanket his father was holding with his name embroidered on it. Weird coincidence?

Final point: this family adopting these two kids who are not siblings, already have 7 children, the oldest is 16. I talked to them for a bit and I pretty much adore them already.

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