Overjoyed & Super Sad

A couple weeks ago a little girl at the baby/toddler orphanage who is 4 told me and Lorena that a little boy had gone with his parents. And then she proceeded to tell us “but not me, I don’t have parents.” Pretty much I thought I would die and quickly changed the subject. I just wanted to report that today she found out that indeed she has parents, and she couldn’t be happier. On Friday two sets of American parents found out that their adoptions were going to go through, and that they could come see their kids on Monday. One set is taking a pair of siblings, a little boy who is about 7 who lives at the boys house, and his 2 year old sister from the baby orphanage. The other family is taking the beautiful 4 year old and another little boy who is almost 6 from the baby/toddler orphanage who will now be her brother. As far as I know only one family made it and the others will be here tomorrow. But I cannot even begin to explain the joy I felt, the happiness that these kids, all of whom (except the 2 year old) I have known since I was here in 2004, are going to good loving homes. And do you know why? Because of Rex. These two families that are welcoming new kids into their families are because they had a daughter or they themselves came to OSSO. I tell you, every day I am reminded a little more that one person really can change the world.

I sat with the 4 year old for a while, her telling me all the things she was going to say to her parents, things like I love you and such, and her new older brother telling me how he was going to say: “Papi, blanket” to them (Why are you going to say that? Because I like it! Ok…) And after a while another 4 year old boy came home from school. He found out about his friends and their new parents, and proceeded to ask the worker: “how come them? Why not me? I’m old, I’m 4, why not me?” And then I thought I would die. The worker was right on the ball and told him “your parents are coming too!” And then I remembered that he indeed had a family in the US asking for him (you are allowed to pick when they are 4&up) but that there was some trace of family here like great aunts or something and they were still working on clearing the papers or something like that. So I was happy again, but sad he still has some time to wait. And then I went back out and played with the other kids. And I had beautiful Luisa sitting on my lap, and I had Ines looking at me through the gate yelling my name. And I thought why? Why not these kids? Or rather, why these kids? Not that any kids deserve no parents, but these are my kids, and it kills me to think about them without parents. And then I started to think of ways to get rich so I could adopt at least some of them. So if any of you have many many thousands of dollars just lying around, I can help you out with what to do with it. Aaron and I came home and were talking about this and he reminded me that at least the kids have the volunteers, the nuns, and the workers. He’s right, it could be so much worse. But it still hurts my heart.

In other less dramatic news, I did my first two toddler classes today. They went pretty well, considering it was the first day and the three doors in the room we were using stayed shut most of the time. (That’s a favorite game, open the front door, open the door to the other room, open the door to the bathroom, turn on the sink and get soaked) I think in time we will get our routine more established and create a little more order. But it was well received and so I was happy.

Also I was sick this weekend but seem to be better now. I’m glad, as I have no desire for any sort of Ecuadorian plauge again. That’s all.

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  1. Erin says:

    You two are wonderful people doing wonderful things. :)

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