Feliz Cumpleanos Pamy

(P)Amy just told me it was her birthday, and since I don’t have any photos of her here, this is what you find if you google her name:

I kid you not, this dog’s name is Pamy. Check it out. Maybe you should get her one for her birthday.

Also PAMY is the code for the Mekoryuk, Alaska Airport.

Finally and most importantly, apparently Pamy has opened her own line of clothing in Switzerland. And if I’m not mistaken that’s probably her modeling it.

Anyway, (P)Amy, I think you are great, feliz birthday, I hope you find all the freedom you are looking for.

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3 Responses to Feliz Cumpleanos Pamy

  1. amy says:

    Thanks Kelsey! You’re the bomb!

  2. Ashley says:

    Dear Kelsey… You can stalk us anytime.

  3. Brittany says:

    yeah, so the truth of the matter is i’ve been stalking you too. i even told wyatt last week that i thought it was about time i brought it to your attention. but you beat me to the punch!

    just want you to know i really enjoy your blog and i think what you’re doing is wonderful! i was really touched by you post about the little 4-year-old girl. thanks for sharing your experiences!

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