Dear Diary

So, I have been really neglectful of writing in a journal since, well since forever. I managed to do it every day (minus 5 days or so) when I lived in Ecuador before, and I am SO glad that I did. But, since right now I am not a current keeper of a journal, I feel the need to record some of yesterday:

We went to the OSSO house to study spanish with Lindsey the sites coordinator. When we first came into the house Alicia and Jorge were going downstairs to their side of the house. I said hola to them and Alicia gets all excited, runs over to me, grabs my hand and tells me I have to come with her. She’s 4 so you can’t really argue. I kind of look at her mom to make sure she’s not opposed to me invading their space, and she seems cool with it. Alicia and Jorge then take me downstairs and first Alicia shows me her room. No wait, she doesn’t just show me her room, she drags me over and screams “LOOK! This is my room! And Jorge too!” I tell her what a great room she has, and then she says “And her!!! Her name is Abuelita!” Then it’s back to her bedroom and “Look! New clothes!” She opens one drawer and says “Jorge’s new clothes!!!” Then the next drawer “My new clothes!!!” We go back into the main room and she opens the door to her parents room and says “Another room!” I ask whose and she says “My Mami and Papi!” At this point mom is a little embarassed because she says her room is messy, I tell her not to worry because she’s never seen what mine looks like. Then I ask both of them if they like the food at their new house, if it’s better than soup all the time. A resounding “SI!!!” from both Alicia and Jorge, and then a tour of the table where I get to see the amazing plates and that everyone has their own seat. Jorge then says “and look! My knife!” and his mom tells me that he spent all of yesterday morning practicing cutting with it. Imagine, the joy of a butterknife. Then the 16-year-old daughter comes down and I ask them who that was. “Her name is Katie!” (everything is beyond exciting, really it needs more exclamation points) I ask if it is their sister and they again shout “SI!” I ask if they have anymore brothers and sisters and they say yes, but when I ask where they are they stop and think for a while. After a hint from mom they tell me in the United States. I ask if they are excited to meet them and of course you can guess the answer. Then they were about ready to eat dinner, so I left them, but thanked them for showing me their new house. And my heart is ready to explode. To see my little Jorge who I have loved for so long, and little Alicia all smart and grown up so so so happy just makes me overjoyed. It really is the answer to so many of my prayers from long ago.

Gonzalo and his sister seem to be pretty happy with their family too, but he won’t really talk to me. That’s kind of strange, but I have come to determine it is beause we are from his old life, the one at the orphanage, the one with Sor Teresa, what the heck are we doing at his house or his church? I think there is an element of, are they taking me back, or what is going on factored in as well. But I adore him, I have been reading my old journal from Ecuador 2004 because I’m typing it up, and all I seemed to think about was getting him to come home with me. And now my little Gonzalo has a family who will love and take care of him, there is nothing more I could have wanted for him.

So that’s all. Today Sor Teresa came over so I could teach her how to use her email, but she didn’t have a password and we couldn’t manage to break in. So much for my former email hacking skills. Can’t even get into an account with the rightful owner next to me. She brought Marcelo with her, who is 4 and has some sort of mental retardation, and he had a good time playing with all the balls at our house. Until he went running and tripped on one and got a concussion. It really wasn’t any fun after that.

Our landlord brought us a TV today. That’s funny because we never asked for one, just the washer and dryer they have promised us every week for the last 3 or 4 weeks. “This week” they always tell us. Last week it was “next Monday or Tuesday when the owner comes”. It’s Tuesday afternoon, I see no such washer nor dryer and my clothes are tired of traveling all the way to the laundry place. But they do such a nice job of folding there, I will miss that.

My toddler class is getting good. The kids are starting to get into the routine of it and pay attention and enjoy the activities. I’m happy about that. They seem to be too. OK that’s a long enough journal entry for now.

Wait I just wanted to say one more thing. Yesterday Aaron says: “Do you think we could get Juanita and Alex and Ines?” “Of course” “I mean I’m just talking hypothetically, but do you think we could handle them all?” I adore my husband for even thinking like that, even in the hypothetical. That’s all.

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