Nighttime Routines

Guess who said which:

(One of us getting a piece of pepperoni from the fridge to snack on)
“I brush my teeth before bed, and you eat pepperoni”
“We just grew up differently”

Anyway I think I had something important to post, but I forgot now. We are going to Guayaquil to the temple with the stake tonight. I have to give a talk on Sunday. We just ate the most delicious taco salad. Mine had very little lettuce, mostly just meat chips and salsa. I think everything I do is an attempt to just eat as much chips and salsa as I can.

We found a bookstore that carries used books in English. They cost twice what they should, but we figured if she was smart enough to open a book store in Ecuador with English books, we would support her in that. Especially after she overheard us talking about how Faulkner was unreadable and wanted to discuss it with us. She disagreed, but we still liked her anyway.

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2 Responses to Nighttime Routines

  1. Daryl says:

    Hey if she needs more english used Books shoot me an email!

  2. Moss Family says:

    WOW! The temple is GORGEOUS! It sounds like you are having an amazing time over there! And the adventures of the bus…!!!

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