Viaje al Templo

We had quite an eventful weekend. Friday morning the secretary from the ward called to tell me that I had a talk on Sunday. I thought it was kind of not nice because they knew I was going to the Temple and would have 5 hours on a bus in the dark that night, spend the day at the temple, and then 5 more hours in the dark on a bus coming home Saturday night, but whatever. Speaking of the bus ride, our bus driver was probably insane. Or maybe he had never driven before. But I don’t think I’ve ever been on a bus where the driver as gotten lost and had to turn around in the middle of the highway ever before.

We got to the temple Friday at just about midnight. But then we spent half an hour waiting for someone to find the right key to open the gates to let us in. Then another hour of checking us into the temple dorms. So around 1:30 everyone got to bed. At least in our room, I don’t know if the boy rooms were all partying all night. All signs point to no.

Anyway, we got up bright and early Saturday morning and ate at the temple. We went to a session and then had to almost fight a lot of people at lunch for cutting in line. They all definately deserved to be chopped (this is my idea on how to cure society of it’s ills, chopping people with my hand when they do things like crowd the baggage claim area and don’t let people whose bags are actually coming around through. it is supplemented with handing out dollar bills to people with good manners and thoughtfulness.) I mean come on, who cuts in front of a lady and her little kids at the temple? Who cuts at all, and really, who cuts at the temple? Sheesh.

I forgot to say that when we first came in after breakfast we must have had a lost child look on our face because the temple president was walking by and came up to us and asked if he could help us. He is American, and proceeded to help Aaron get all ready to go, and we got him all set up with audiophones full of English speaking for the session. The temple president checked on us several times to make sure we had everything we needed. Three cheers for the nice temple president. I was surpised at the number of Americans there, I guess most were with their children returning from their missions, but still, it was interesting.

I also forgot to say that the session was neat, and that I am proud of my Spanish understanding skills. Also it was really hot, being sweaty is gross.

Today I spoke in church and it went ok. At one point I was reading a quote and couldn’t quite pronounce a word so after two tries I just looked up and said you all know what this word is, tried to pronounce it one more time and just kept reading. What else can you do? I think they laughed, so that’s good.

Here are some pictures in case you like to see us or the Guayaquil Temple:

Temple at night

Amy and Daniela

Two birds chat with Moroni. We are still in a debate whether they are crows or vultures.

Aaron’s really stylish look riding home, black socks with sneakers and shorts.

Another shot of the temple.

I uploaded the rest to our foto site.

Aaron says to say there was an iguana on one of the palm trees down low, but I was too slow in getting my camera out so he ran away. He told me I probably shouldn’t take a job with national geographic.

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