I saw this really great swinging fruit basket at the tool store the other day and was excited at it’s low price. Turns out the pineapple is lonely and all the other veggies are trying to jump out.

In other news you might wonder just what it is I do all day here. Well today I went and met with the director of an orphanage, planned with the psychologist for the self-esteem class, took my laundry to the laundry lady, got the key place to fix the keys they made poorly, signed up for internet, went on top of the building we live in, went to the grocery store, washed the fruit, did the dishes, oh, and then when I was bored while my husband was still working, I did this:
This may remind some of you of my webcam days
You will note my husband working hard in the background

My brother Jordan can hang knives off his nose, but can he hang peppers from his ears?
I am pretty sure Aaron never even noticed me taking these pictures, nor the peppers coming out of my ears

I have a special talent for looking ugly

Anyway, those probably aren’t the pictures you really cared about seeing. So instead of posting lots of pictures on here I’m going to post them to my picasa site. So go here: http://picasaweb.google.com/kelseyfoxfox But be warned, the pictures there are pretty boring too.
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