January 13th Letter

(Like a Christmas Letter I was going to write and put with our card, but didn’t.)  (Also sorry if you didn’t get a Christmas Card.  I have 3 kids and am pregnant.  I have all the excuses you could possibly need.)

2014 was a pretty good year for all of us.  We all survived, and still like each other, so I am going to count it as a win.

Aaron: This year Aaron did the unthinkable and stayed at his job for over a year.  As of right now he is at almost 1.5 years, and his wife has demanded he remain there until she has her baby because it has excellent benefits.  Like paying him dollars and such.  For Christmas he received a smoker from Santa and a cool book on curing and smoking meats and looks forward to opening his own fancy salami and other cured meats shop shortly.  He was happy to build the largest snowman in the neighborhood after the first major snow, putting all other neighborhood dads to shame.  Aaron’s other major accomplishment this year was reaching 2.5 years of living in the same place, which is the longest he has lived anywhere ever!!!

Kelsey: This year Kelsey did what she seems to have been doing continuously for the past almost 7 years.  That’s right, growing yet another human and complaining about how horrible it is and how stupid she was to do it again.  She really is grateful but is not good at expressing that sentiment.  Kelsey read probably 2 or 3 books and 2 or 3 magazines so she considers it a pretty productive year.  Oh, she maybe made some quilts too.  Kelsey’s 2015 resolutions include having a baby and never getting pregnant again.  And also keeping everyone alive.

Harmon: In October Harmon managed to turn 6, despite his wishes from age 2 on to never get older.  He seems to be taking it in stride, as birthdays seem to yield more precious legos than he can afford from his day job earnings.  Harmon has started Kindergarten at the closest school we could find, our house.  He loves it, and so does his teacher and classmates.  When not building/fixing/thinking about/watching or creating reviews about legos, Harmon enjoys playing outside for hours (heat or snow) and playing all sorts of games with Sammy.  While you shouldn’t brag, this is my blog (and I will do as I please!), so I will add that Harmon is ridiculously smart, sweet, sensitive, and we love him to death.

Sammy: In December Sammy reached the ripe old age of 5.  Sammy has an infectious smile that saves her from trouble on many occasions.  Sammy loves art of any kind and can be found doing projects for hours on end.  One of her favorite activities besides drawing includes cutting paper into teeny tiny pieces.  I think it goes without saying this is not her mother’s favorite activity.  Sammy is a great big sister and is constantly playing with/tormenting Allison.  Sammy is also known for her fierceness, both against members of her family, but also in defending her older brother from “rude kids” in play areas at fast food restaurants.  She is awesome and we likewise adore her bright personality and love her to death.

Allison: If there was ever a better age than 2 I wouldn’t believe it.  Allison (who coincidentally turned 2 in November) is a wild maniac who enjoys doing somersaults off the couch, running through the house in her underwear, and destroying whatever her siblings build.  She also enjoys keeping up with the chatterboxes in the house, both in amount of words uttered and decibel level.  Allison’s favorite thing is Michelangelo the ninja turtle, whom she affectionately calls MikeyAngelo.  Allison loves reading books, going outside for walks with her daddy, playing stuffed animals with Sammy, and trying to get in the middle of whatever Harmon is doing.  She is a good eater, and we hope someday the older kids will learn from her.  Allison is super charming and keeps us laughing.  I think it goes without saying that we love her to death.

Baby #4: He is a boy.  His hobbies include having the hiccups and making his mother cry with pain while expanding her rib cage with a vice.  Luckily he has funny heels that tickle and if he doesn’t stay in too long he may be forgiven.  He should appear in the end of March, but his mother suspects he will wait until April 1st because that is just funnier.

We are blessed.  The End.

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6 Responses to January 13th Letter

  1. TeElle says:

    This was so fun to read! I love your personality, you are hilarious and I can tell you love your family. I love how you described your kids, I can’t even imagine Kelsey and her husband offspring. I didn’t realize how close our kids are in age. I have a five, four, and two and am due in June. Kind of fun!

    • kelsey says:

      Thanks TeElle! I really need to see your face (and kids!) sometime since we live pretty close and it has been TOO long! Maybe we can meet up before I produce my next human???

  2. Demeree says:

    Now I’m officially up to date. I knew ALMOST all of that, but not the part about Aaron living the longest in one place ever. So…is that as an adult only, or as a child also?

  3. Kristy says:

    i love your family!!!

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