3 1/2 hours to go, and a hair update

And then I am allowed to have my baby. Of course I won’t have it until like 5 weeks from tomorrow, but whatever. A girl can dream can’t she?

Remember this really useful diagram of how to sleep when pregnant? It doesn’t work this time. Sleeping is impossible, so if you are pregnant and wondering how, just give up. Or maybe if I made myself all new pillows. I think Aaron using the specialty pillows has really destroyed their fluffiness.

For all of those of you who were worried about my hair, be calmed, it is growing and looks not as awful. What I really mean is that you can’t tell (without close inspection) that it is uneven, and after a little time with a flat iron making the mushroom top a bit flatter and not as bowl-like it manages to just look ugly, instead of horrifying. Everyone I see in real life tells me they like it. I’m not sure if that means that I was so ugly-looking before that it couldn’t get any worse with a terrible haircut, or if they just really enjoy lying. Either way I enjoy knowing that I have brought many of you joy through the style of haircutting I am so fond of doing. (And let’s not forget to mention talented at doing!) I haven’t got so many hits on the blog ever. So, maybe as a special treat I will take a picture of the growth tomorrow. Yes, I think I shall. And one of my belly for good measure.

Aaron is blogging right now to top post me. But I will trump him tomorrow with photos.

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