The Best Holiday of the Year

(no offense other holidays, I like you too.)

It is no secret that I love Halloween. I love it the most. Maybe it’s because I like candy, but mostly it’s because I like costumes and parties. And candy. The love started at an early age. In elementary school I loved creating my own costume ideas including someone escaped from the insane asylum and a giant tv. Probably my love of pumpkin carving was started by my parents in elementary school as well. By the time I reached college I often could be found carving pumpkins EVERY day in October, working on a Halloween farm, and getting paid to carve more pumpkins. Excellent costumes have included a fooseball player, a teletubby, Angelina Jolie (while pregnant), and a magic 8 ball (also while pregnant). Fortunately I married someone who is willing to indulge me in my love of Halloween, even if it requires him to wear ridiculous costumes. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Halloween 2010:

(if the pillow is falling out of your costume, your friends really should tell you)

Sammy believes in magic. And french fries.

Harmon believes in red lollipops, and Sammy should watch out for creepy clowns behind her.

A slightly better shot from the day before. But just remember, even Ronald, Grimace, Fry Guys, and The Hamburglar have to pay for their meals at McDonalds. Bust!

P.S. Because I get asked a lot: I did make all the costumes. Except Harmon’s tie. Aaron made that.

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5 Responses to The Best Holiday of the Year

  1. Jenna says:

    Well done Kelsey! Now I have to know…did you carve pumpkins this year? If so, where are the pictures of those?!?! By now, you should be a pro!!

  2. brittany says:

    i love your costumes! i am always impressed at the creativity people have when it comes to halloween. especially your family! each time i try to think-up a costume, my mind goes blank. nothing.

    (some friends of ours were on the same brain wave as you. they did fastfood themed costumes. their little redheaded boy was ronald, the mom (wendy) was wendy from wendy’s, and the dad was jack from jack in the box. )

  3. sherry says:

    love the costumes! and love even more that you went to mcdonald’s in them… you guys are great!

  4. Kellie says:

    simply… amazing. I heart Halloween too!

  5. Karmen says:

    This is awesome!

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