Baby Peanut Turns 4 Months

My smaller baby is getting older and wiser too.

She loves: eating her feet, giggling, tummy time, smiling, sharing a room with her brother, chomping everything, and playing with rattle toys

She can: roll both ways (but mostly is lazy), kick her brother, death grip everything

For her 4 month birthday she gave me the gift of sleeping a 7 hour stretch (the night before); her doctor gave her lots of shots (the day of); and her body gave her the gift of both bottom center teeth (the day after). Some of us are better gift givers than others.

Her stats:
Nice Large Head: 42.7cm, 90%
Still Pretty Tall: 25.28″, 86%
Just Chunky Enough: 14lbs 1.5oz, 63%

Here is what she looked like for the last month:

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