All About Aaron

I was just thinking that you wanted to know some more about Aaron that is not found in his bio.  So here you go.

1. When Aaron found out that I had never read Lord of the Rings he decided he would read it out loud to me.  At first I thought this would be really lame, but I actually really like it (we are almost done!) and today as I was driving on the freeway and saw the license plate “nawzgull” I felt totally culturally literate.  (I can only assume that nazgul was already taken)

2. Aaron is totally honest.  Two weeks ago when I said “I can’t believe I am 5 months pregnant” he replied “I know, but you look 7!”  At least I can count on him to tell me if this belly makes me look fat.

3. Aaron likes to do ridiculous stuff with the kids.  For example last week he wanted to drive to the mountains and tie ropes on the kids and tell them they were rock climbing.  And so we did.  And they loved it.  And didn’t fall off the side of the mountain either.

4. Aaron overlooks my extreme ridiculousness.  Recent example: I brought home an oversized spinning round chair thing from a second-hand store, ripped off all the old stinky fuzzy fur covering and recovered it with fabric and a staple gun and Aaron just smiled.  (Photos of chair coming soon)  Also I bought a reel mower instead of a gas one and after inquiring about the price he complimented our efforts of lawn mowing.

5. Aaron really likes frozen Hershey’s bars.  I realize that this one is not that interesting but I blame the fact that I got distracted by the Comcast guy digging up our yard to bury our internet cable.  The silliness of it all almost made me think I was in Ecuador again.  More interesting facts about Aaron later.

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