Once A Month Is Good, Right?

Greetings from the world’s laziest blogger.  Ok maybe like third laziest because some people haven’t posted in years.  But still, pretty lazy.  Here is a thrilling update on our lives:

-After returning from Ecuador we spent two weeks in Seattle.  It was fun, we loved seeing our family and friends and even enjoyed one or two days where it didn’t rain.

-Immediately after returning from Ecuador Aaron flew to his mom’s house in Montana to pick up his truck and a few of our remaining belongings stored at her house.  30 minutes after leaving her house towards Seattle he was in a car accident.  After one billion hassles a month later his truck is finally fixed.   A big shout out to the insurance company for being super ridiculous and still not sending us money and the repair shop for working extra slow and when Aaron’s mom picked up the truck yesterday and heard a rubbing noise on the tire and taking it back they said it was probably the brakes and not their problem.  Aaron really looks forward to going back to Montana to drive his truck to Utah because he hasn’t taken any super long trips in 2 weeks.

-We drove to Utah in my (new! wahoo!) car and a 10 ft rental truck.  It turns out we had more stuff than we thought and without Aaron’s truck to pull a trailer we needed their smallest truck.  We were pretty smart and made my sister Eden come with us to entertain the kids.  She kept telling me thanks for bringing her.  13-year-olds!  Best idea ever.

-We have now been in Utah for two weeks.  We are currently in temporary housing in an apartment complex Aaron’s company set us up with.  Aaron so far likes his new job and has been riding his bike to work (and back in 100 degree weather).  The rest of us have been spending days looking for housing, swimming, and more importantly catching up with old friends.  It feels like we have been here a month as we have packed a lot in already, including this past week when we found a house to move into.  So after Aaron gets back from his trip this weekend we will be moving!  We are pretty excited about the house, although we will miss the pool at the apartment complex.

-My belly is getting huge.  And I’m only 5 months along.  But it’s a girl so I am hoping that it won’t turn out to be as huge as Harmon.

The end.

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4 Responses to Once A Month Is Good, Right?

  1. natalie smith says:

    congrats on another girly. glad you guys had a good visit in seattle. hope you get settled and comfortable soon.

  2. Josh says:

    Welcome to/back to the Beehive state. At least after Aaron gets to work its a air conditioned building, where as I work on top of those building making it about 120 degrees plus. Anyway congrats on all maybe we’ll see each other sometime considering we are only about hour apart.

  3. JFB says:

    i assume i am one of the other lazy bloggers. it is long over due. maybe next weekend i will get to new posts. I have plenty of hobo stories. Glad you made it to HatU safely.

  4. Sherry says:

    Yay! You’re in utah. I want to see you. Where are you living? Let’s get together soon.

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