Last Day of the Twenties

Today I found myself whining in my head about how I was spending my last day of being 29.  “I shouldn’t have to clean my toilets on my LAST day of my twenties!”  “I shouldn’t have to sweep up the rolls the kids just dissected all over the floor on my last day of being TWENTY NINE!!”  “I have to roll out the garbage can AND the recycling can because the garbage company decided to switch weeks of recycling pickup without telling me on my last day as a TWENTYSOMETHING????”  Rough life, I know.  But then I got the great idea to really go full blast tomorrow, in the which I will do 30 things for myself to celebrate turning 30.  I had read a while ago some nice lady who did 30 (or however old she was turning) random acts of kindness on her birthday.  I thought it was a good idea, but since I didn’t really plan anything, I will be really really selfish instead.  My birthday twin Brittany was super awesome and did 30 days of birthday celebrating.  But again, I am 6 months pregnant with two small humans and not so plan-aheady.  Also I am moderately bummed that I cannot waterpark it up (due to giant belly situation) on my birthday, so this will help ease the pain.

Here is my proposed list of self-indulgent behavior for tomorrow in no particular order:

1. Feed myself lunch at Cafe Rio.
2. Pick up Baby Sister (now 13) from airport.  This is actually quite selfish as she is a huge help while visiting and we love to have her here.
3. Eat lots of double-stuffed oreos.  Sure I do this all the time but we are currently out and so that will make it special.  Especially since I will not feel guilty if I eat them for breakfast.  And snack.
4. Listen to my music all day long.  No requests for “Thriller” from Harmon or “a girl song” from Sammy will be accommodated.  Probably.
5. Take a picture of myself.  I have taken almost zero since becoming pregnant, and wish I had more.
6. Paint my fingernails.  Even if they only last one hour.
7. Write in my journal.  In the future I am always happy when I do this.
8. Give myself a hug.
9. Send someone something in the mail.  This is one of my most favorite things to do.
10. Stretch before bed.  This will result in sleeping better.
11.  Watch 30 Rock during naptime.
12.  Dinner at TBD restaurant.
13. Open presents.
14. Take pictures of the kids.  Because I haven’t taken any in a month or two.
15.  Do no chores other than child daytime dishes.  Feel no guilt.
16.  Take a bath.
17.  Turn the AC up as high as I want it.
18. Force everyone into a family photo.  Wearing whatever I want them to wear.
19.  Load new books into Kindle.
20. Trip to hardware store for: TP roll holders, towel racks, drill & screws (to hang pictures)
21.  Go to Ikea.  I just love going.  I know, I’m weird.
22. Write a letter to myself for my 40th birthday.  For some reason I love time capsule type things, and this will be good enough.
23.  Stay up way too late.  I love staying up, but the consequences are often too much to handle so I wimp out early.
24. I will have to eat some sort of birthday dessert.  If I end up at Pizza Factory for dinner it will be the giant warm cookie topped with ice cream.
25. Make and eat homemade popcorn.  With too much butter and salt.
26. Wash and dry my car.  I keep washing it but Utah water dries all ugly on it.
27. TBD
28. TBD
29. TBD
30. TBD

I obviously need to leave room in my list for a few more, so the last four can be decided tomorrow.  I will surely be back with a report when I am another year older.

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One Response to Last Day of the Twenties

  1. Amy says:

    This is the best list ever. You are uncharged of my birthdays from now on. I like to go to Ike’s on my birthday, too.

    Happy day to you! Thirty is the new twenty five!

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