Me Gusta/No Me Gusta

Me gusta:

-Avocados.  They are so cheap which  means I can eat one every day if I want.  Which I do.
-Fancy fruits.  Also so cheap and super delicious.
-Sunshine every day.  It rains some almost every day, but not enough to make you want to sit inside with your pjs on all the time.
-Walking a lot.  I am getting less fat.
-Skype.  The kids are especially loving video chatting with friends and family.  If you have skype and want to chat it up with us, let me know.

No me gusta:

-Fake lightbulbs.  Ecuador has apparently also outlawed real lightbulbs.  The only plus side is that the ones here are 4 times as bright as the ones in the US so I can sort of deal.
-Black feet.  Our house is mostly unsealed wooden floors which even if you clean them every day still turn the bottom of your feet a disgusting shade of black.
-Only singlestuffed oreos.  I think that speaks for itself.
-Having to throw your toilet paper in the garbage.  Supposedly the pipes can’t handle the paper.  Whether or not it is true, it is not a good part of life.

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3 Responses to Me Gusta/No Me Gusta

  1. Sarah says:

    I got excited about the super cheap fruits part. But then all of that fruit would keep you regular and being regular would produce a need for more t.p. that you have to throw in the garbage.

  2. ai says:

    I have skype. amy.i.evans

  3. Crystal says:

    i would love to skype:


    i’m so glad to hear that you guys are doing well. i love to hear about all of your new adventures. i am very impressed with your laundry skills. =)

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