The Man With the Broken Feet

I have perhaps mentioned to a few of you how Aaron is broken.  Probably not actually broken in the bones, but broken enough that he often cannot walk.  So maybe broken in the feet bones.  Almost two weeks ago when we moved in Aaron’s feet were bugging him.  He had been wearing brand new sneakers and we had been doing a ton of walking.  Then when we moved in he spent half the first day mopping in very hard sandals.  By last Wednesday he was in more pain, and by Thursday one foot was so bad it left him completely immobile.  By Sunday he was able to limp around, but the injured foot remained quite painful.  By Monday the first injured foot was feeling a lot better, and we spent a lot of time looking for a fridge.  By the time our fridge was delivered on Wednesday, Aaron’s first foot was feeling better but the other foot was having the same problem as the first.  By Thursday all of the walking (done in different shoes this time) left him almost immobile again.  Today is Sunday and he is more or less completely immobile now with pain in both feet.

Let me take this moment to point out that Aaron is stubborn and I am a baby.  If I was hurting to the level I think Aaron is, I would have been begging for someone to carry me to the doctor the first day.  Aaron on the other hand has held out for quite a while now.  On Friday night when poor Aaron was dying in pain, I declared that unless he had a miraculous recovery by Monday he would be attending the doctor even if I had to bring some friends over to carry him down the stairs and across the street to the doctor.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring decreased pain so he can hobble down himself.  In the meantime you can find him “cruising” around the house with a chair from the table, one knee propped up and the other foot dragging along.  He says it’s liberating.

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6 Responses to The Man With the Broken Feet

  1. Natalie says:

    why is it so hard for men to just go to the doctor?
    so silly.

  2. Amy says:

    Save your dinero and have Jacki fix his feet. She is obsessed with feet.

    Sorry for him :(

  3. Sarah says:

    Does he have plantar fascitis? That can be really painful.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Liberating, huh? That’s not what I’d call that. :) Aaron, get thee to a doctor.

  5. Rachel says:

    His tendons could have gotten injured. This happened to my mother-in-law. You have to stay off your feet until they get better. Also, unless you want foot surgery, there is nothing they can do. Obviously, I have no idea if this is really the problem.

  6. Josh says:

    Gout runs in our family, and men wait so long to go to doctors because our needs are always placed last. Its part of being a man/husband/father. Most women won’t admit it that buts as true as the sciptures!

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