Pretty Good Guessing

But NONE of you are right!

My poor child was trying to scale the fridge while Aaron and I stood nice and close to make sure he didn’t die. He did indeed fall from his super high standing height (ok, not that high, and he does it all the time without harm) and managed to fall back onto his behind and slowly his head made contact with the carpet. He also hit my foot on the way, but we were surprised by the crying. I picked him up to comfort him (even though I thought he was being a bit dramatic) and a couple of minutes later nice red scratches appeared and it all made sense.

That’s right. My child fell and cut his head open on my toenails (the middle and big toe, in case you really wanted to know). That Parent of the Year Award is totally mine.

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2 Responses to Pretty Good Guessing

  1. Penny says:

    I think you are wrong. There is a cat hiding in your house. A mean, ill-tempered, kid hating feline with sharpened claws. Really.

    I want my candy.

  2. Li'l Aly says:

    Sounds like you may need a pedicure!

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