Guess How I Hurt Myself!

Harmon wants you to guess how he hurt himself.
(He also wants you to know these are taken the day after the incident so they are less intense)
If you guess right you will get a prize. Likely candy. You have until Monday Morningish.
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8 Responses to Guess How I Hurt Myself!

  1. tracie says:

    I say it's the cat. It looks very similar to the one Brooke has one her forehead.

  2. Sarah says:

    I was going to say cat too, but I'll be different and say he fell into a thorny rose bush.

  3. Li'l Aly says:

    I think he raised his head into something like under a table or something, either that or hit himself with a kitchen utensil of some type. Hope his heads feeling better!! Love ya Harmon, Josh and family.

    P.S. Aly say hi cuz!

  4. Lois Draper says:

    There better be points for a good, creative guess. I think he got the two scratches on his head when he dodged an attacking King Cobra. Harmon was fast, but still has a lot to learn since he is still a baby. Stick with me kid and I learn you how to dodge attacking serpents like a pro!

  5. Leslie says:

    I think they're from the prongs on a plug

  6. Penny says:

    Sarah and I are thinking the same way. Those are from a very crabby, bad-attitude, no-nonsense cat. I hope it has been quarantined.

    I want candy!

  7. Brower Family says:

    I have racked my brain for a day now. And all that i have to say is that Harmon is way too cute. I just keep looking at these pictures for some sort of idea, and all I can think of is…"That is a cute kid." So, no guess, but at least you know that I think your kid is cute!!

  8. Ashley says:

    Heat vents.

    I've done it before. Have the scars to prove it. Although I used to tell little kids it was a viper bite.

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