Crows = Evil

I have always hated crows. They are so ugly, especially one of the ones that currently combs our front yard for snacks. They like to annoy eagles, don’t they know the eagles could snap their necks in a second? And their noises! Ugh, the most annoying. There are probably like 20 other things that I hate about crows, but living in our current house I have learned to hate them for an entirely new reason.

We noticed throughout the summer that the crows really like our yard. And our neighborhood is not as cool as our last one which was filled with eagles. It is filled with crows instead. So my point is, there are a lot of them. Like, The Birds lot. Anyway, in the last month or two, there has been this weird knocking/sound like someone was walking on the roof. After a couple weeks I realized it was the crows hanging out on the gutters. I figured they were searching around through the debris to get some bug snacks or whatever. Until this week. Aaron noticed that there were plenty of nut shells in our driveway, and thanked the crows for leaving them there. Then it struck me. The reason we hear hammers pounding during nap time? Crows, cracking nuts in our gutters. Lots and lots of crows. It is really annoying.

And that my friends, is another reason why crows are stupid and evil.

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5 Responses to Crows = Evil

  1. Tracy says:

    you should move back to Utah. We dont have to deal with them! Just a thought.

  2. Sarah says:

    Another reason the suck: They won't let me run them over.

  3. vanessa joie says:

    Crows ARE eeevil. Did you know a flock of crows is not called a flock. It's called a "murder". That's right. A murder of crows. Evil.

  4. Brittany says:

    you better be nice to those crows. apparently they have a really good memory and will remember you for years. you can read/listen about it here:

  5. Lois Draper says:

    Don't let those crows here you talkin' smack about'em. They are the harbingers of Death. They make The Birds look like nats! However, they are perfect for Halloween! Bwahahahahahah!

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