Long Bean Turns 4 months!

Happy Birthday Giant Long Bean!

Here are your giant stats:

Weight: 17lbs even! (75-90%)
Length: 27 1/4 inches (above 97%)
Head: 44 1/4 cm (90-95%)

To celebrate Harmon is getting his own blog. It will mostly be ramblings about how amazing and smart he is, mostly for my benefit, but if you want to read it too, you are more than welcome.


Aaron just pointed out: “what will happen if he’s not tall one day?” “Then I will change the blog. Or you will just have to remember that he was long.”

You will still get your monthly photo fix on this blog though.

This is Harmon and his betrothed Adri’s engagement photo

P.S. More photos as always on our photo site.

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5 Responses to Long Bean Turns 4 months!

  1. Sarah says:

    He is so sweet! I’m still dying to meet him.

  2. Tracy says:

    He is very cute! Thanks for finally bringing him to meet me! I was definitely his favorite….just ask him! =)

  3. shadylady says:

    Oh, he is growing so much, and I haven’t even seen him in person yet! What a beautiful boy! Five months was my favorite age babywise, bar none. Look forward to it!

  4. Leslie says:

    so cute Kels! He’s looks like a very fun baby to be around! 😀 I love reading your blogs. Good job!

  5. Heladitos says:

    Can’t wait for long bean to meet sweet pea this summer! By the way, didn’t you have a craft blog? I can’t find it now, but if you or any of your friends are interested in crochet stuff, my friend Verena makes the cutest little stuff for her kids: mostly she’s posted crochet stuff, but also some play food she sewed for her daughter. http://robineggpatterns.blogspot.com/

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