Diplomas are overrated

Last night laying in bed listening to the peaceful sounds of the upstairs neighbor yelling and his ultra -loud techno russian music mixed with my dear husband snoring, I had a while to ponder. My thoughts wandered as they always do (but please notice they all fit together in a nice chain):

When was the last time I checked the PO Box?
I wonder who still has my Dad’s address as ours, and how we can change that.
Remember that time in Ecuador when Jama sent us some of our mail that came to their house, including my mini diploma from BYU?
Mini diplomas are funny.
Remember how I don’t have my high school diploma?
I wonder if I really graduated.
Oh well.

And thus I was left to ponder on something that I have thought of hundreds of times since 2000 and never done a single thing about (except asking Justin to ask at school, hah!). At graduation they handed us diploma covers, and told us (I thought) that we would receive the diplomas in the mail. Although I am sure I passed all my classes senior year, I also remember in the late winter being threatened by one of the principals about getting suspended (I did not, mom and dad had my back!) and that she would personally call BYU and let them know about my misdeeds. (Which of course is a story for another blogpost) Could this be the reason for no diploma? Surely not. At graduation we walked to the field in two lines to our seats, shaking hands with either of the principals at the head of the line. On my turn I refused to shake, still holding a grudge from my mistreatment a month or two before. Could THAT be the reason for no diploma? Maybe. Did I have an unreturned library book, or some unknown fine? Could it have gotten lost in the mail? I suppose I will never know. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be just fine. I mean, I managed to go to college, graduate, get jobs, etc. all without it. What could I want it for now, other than to make a paper airplane?

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4 Responses to Diplomas are overrated

  1. Sarah says:

    Haha!!! Do share about the misdeeds. I can’t really picture you doing that.

  2. amy says:

    I don’t have one either, I think we were supposed to order them, which was not at the top of my priority list as a teenager.

  3. Jacki says:

    I don’t think I have one either come to think of it. But I do have a seminary graduation certificate. And that has come in handy lots of times.

  4. Penny says:

    I think what you really want is to kick your neighbor’s butt for playing ulra-loud techno russian music. Or, perhaps you are PO’d at the PO?

    You have issues!

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