Vertigo For Dummies*

Until Monday at 3am I knew very little about vertigo.  I knew of the movie, and I knew it more or less meant being really really dizzy.  Apparently it’s something you can get sick with.  So sick that you can’t walk and throw up all the time.  I woke up at said hour to Aaron freaking out because the room was spinning.  I then freaked out because the only thing I knew about being dizzy was that it was a symptom of heart attack/stroke.  Luckily Dr. Google and I figured out that it was probably “just” vertigo.

Monday morning I escorted Aaron to the Urgent Care, as he could not keep any foodtrients (food/nutrients) in his body and the world would not stop spinning out of control.  The real doctors diagnosed him with vertigo, which basically means that the tubes in your ears that keep you standing and balanced are super messed up.  Kind of like this:

stupid ears!

The blue thing is a crystal.  Also I learned that there is a magical crystal in your ear, and you can do exercises to put it back in it’s place.

End of story:  After spending all day at Urgent Care and getting a CAT Scan just to be safe because they couldn’t make him any better, Aaron was realeased to come rest at home.  Today is day 3 and although he has made vast improvement, he still is quite dizzy and can’t do much of anything (walk straight, not fall over sometimes, read, drive, etc.)  Rumor has it you could take 1-2 weeks to recover fully.  Aaron is being a show-off and making me drive him to work tomorrow so he doesn’t get fired.  Moral: Don’t mess up your ears, they are tricky.

*A post for dummies, not my husband is a dummy for having it.  Wait, that’s not very good either.

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5 Responses to Vertigo For Dummies*

  1. Casey says:

    I had vertigo last year and it was awful! I still get dizzy super easy. I’m so sorry. I hope he gets better soon.

  2. Natalie says:

    That is craziness. Hope his world calms and stops spinning soon.

  3. Sarah says:

    Ugh! Not fun. Did they rule this out? My uncle has it and has some pretty bad episodes sometimes.

  4. Quinae says:

    I am so glad you added visuals. Virtigo make so much more sense now 😉 My good friend had that for a week during nursing school so I have seen it in action. You almost think they are faking it at first. Strange problem. Sorry he has it.

  5. Penny says:

    Gee… that’s awful, Kelsey. Hope it does not last long. So sorry, Aaron. :(

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