I made food. For a month.

So I decided to plan our dinners.  For a month.  I did it two or so weeks at a time, but switched stuff around during the week if needed.  And I think I will probably continue.  Because we ate really yummy things.  And I liked it, and was way less stressed than being pregnant and hungry at 6pm because I actually had food in the house to make.  Also I ended up cleaning the kitchen almost every night because I knew I would be making dinner the next night, and I didn’t even mind.  I made a lot of new breads and made something new or different almost every night.  It made it a lot easier to not spend one million dollars at restaurants too.  Also we found several new favorite foods, like this balsamic salad dressing and these pizza factory breadsticks.  So, there you have it.  In case you are reallllllly interested in everything I made, you can look here.

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2 Responses to I made food. For a month.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Menu planning does make life easier, even though it’s a pain in the butt for that hour or two a week when you’re doing it. Good job!

  2. brianne says:

    way to go! I strive for that and often fail. Went to your link “click here” to find out all you made and it was broken. : ( Sad. Fill me in though, I love having new recipes and things to try.

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