How to get & cure insomnia

If you hate sleeping I highly recommend reading a book about psychopaths for an hour before bed.  And then you can lie awake wondering if 1% of the general population are really psychopaths (and way more in prison) and trying to calculate how many people you know and how many psychopaths by that calculation.  And then you will try to figure out who the real psychopaths are.  And after that you will feel safe because they live far away.  But then you will hear creepy noises in your house that you were already paranoid about every day you didn’t read about psychopaths and you will be concerned that some psychopath is coming to get you and your family.  After an excessively long time you will remember that psychopaths have no remorse and wouldn’t really care if you pleaded with them to not attack you and you will finally get to sleep because you decide that you can’t stop them so you might as well just get some rest.  Problem solved.

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3 Responses to How to get & cure insomnia

  1. holly spears says:

    i love and adore you.

  2. Sarah L. says:

    About what time should I start the book and what is it called?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Something like that happened to me recently. It’s kind of awful.

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