Don’t Break The Rules, MOMMY

I broke my only rule I have for myself: don’t leave the babies alone together. ever. especially if they are both roaming free on the floor. ever.

I went out to switch around some laundry, and I heard Sammy (who I had left rolling to and fro on the floor in the front room while Harmon played quietly across the room) scream. I assumed it was because Harmon had stolen her toy, she was stuck somewhere, or perhaps worst case Harmon was exerting a bit too much love in the way of smacking his sister on the head. After perhaps 30 seconds of screaming I finished and returned to find Harmon sitting on Sammy’s back/butt.

And for the first time, I did not take a picture first. Because come on, I would not want to be squished by someone double my weight while my mother took a picture before rescuing me. I have standards people.

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4 Responses to Don’t Break The Rules, MOMMY

  1. Elizabeth says:

    We've all been there. I love your posts.

  2. Natalie says:

    I just the love visual of this post :)

  3. dem dem says:


  4. Miller Family says:

    abram does that to nolan all the time and nolan just giggles, but nolan is almost as big as abram. lately, i've found abram pinned under nolan crying for help. extra feedings for samantha to bulk her up.

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