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No More Injuries, Please!

I failed to mention that almost two weeks ago while visiting the Roseros, Harmon was running on the back patio area, tripped and fell, and hit his head quite hard on a concrete wall corner.  It had a very large … Continue reading

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The Price of Garage-sailing

Price of “Weenie” the Dachshund Beanie Baby at a garage sale: $ .25 Love of “Weenie” by baby daughter: Extreme Price to replace “Weenie” on the internet when baby daughter loses beloved “Weenie”: $6 I suppose it could have been worse, it could … Continue reading

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Worst Ideas

1. Letting both your 1-year-old and 2-year-old into the shower with you.  Unless you weren’t intending to shower, then it’s a fine idea. 2. Not using a shopping cart with previously mentioned children and thinking you can carry the 1-year-old and that … Continue reading

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Lengthy December Review

(you were warned) Highlights of Sammy’s Birthday -Eating as many lollipops as the kids could get ahold of (Sammy managed 3, Harmon and Leah only 2) -Sammy refusing to eat her cake with her hands.  A true lady uses a … Continue reading

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First steps

Sammy took her first steps today.  They were tentative 1-2 fall into your arms type of things, but we also got a couple of 3-4s in there too.  We’ll get more in before the night is over. Harmon wasn’t to … Continue reading

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One of the best things Harmon says is: Here comes Babyzilla!  It’s a fair name given to my smaller child who celebrated turning 10 months yesterday because she growls like a tiger and tries to attack anything Harmon is playing … Continue reading

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