40 weeks & 1 day. Grateful.

It’s really easy to hit your due date and want to destroy everything/everyone around you.  Especially when everyone else you know that was due the same time as you or even 2 or more weeks before you has had their babies.  But luckily today despite feeling like a giant whale I am also feeling pretty grateful.

I feel really blessed for all of the following and more:
-I already have two healthy kids and am blessed to be still growing a third
-The baby inside me did not try to come out too early
-The baby inside me seems to be quite healthy and happy
-I have not been on bed rest or had any health complications
-I have actually felt better in the third trimester than either of the other two times
-Until two days ago I could still do pretty much everything I wanted (now I am just slightly limited in that I have to not move around so much because everything hurts too badly)
-Aaron works 10 minutes from home which gives me much more help/breaks because of a short commute
-My mom came and vacuumed my house, made food, watched my kids, and other various helpful activities
-My mom is coming back on the 23rd, unless the baby decides to come out sooner (ha!)
-One million of my friends have offered to help
-My midwife is the best midwife ever

It’s kind of silly to even write this post, but generally at this point in pregnancy I am so ready to hide in my closet (ok, I still want to) and cry/scream/break stuff that it is worth noting.  Lately I have heard far too many stories of people with very sick children, people having a hard time getting pregnant, staying pregnant, other extreme life problems, etc. and I just can’t help but feel blessed at the situation I am in.  So, I guess what I am saying is I am glad to be a giant healthy whale.  Until maybe tomorrow when I go mental.  I will enjoy it while it lasts.

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One Response to 40 weeks & 1 day. Grateful.

  1. holly spears says:

    love love love this post. hang in there woman! you’re amazing!!! :)

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