Kostco Karma

Seriously, I behave at Costco. I never leave my cart in the middle of the aisle, I never push people out of the way for samples, I always put my cart away, and I even pick up the crackers my child launches from the cart. Why then is my karma so awful?


Dear Man Waiting In Line BEHIND Me At The Costco Food Court,

I know you were probably hungry. The lure of the Costco food court can make even full people indulge. I know you had been waiting in line for a maximum of 3 minutes. But WHAT on earth would possess you to cut in front of a lady with two small children, one of which was starting to cry? I bet you thought that you wouldn’t be verbally accosted with: “Did you REALLY just cut in front of me?!?!!?!”

Your response was potentially worse than the cutting. (I’m sure you didn’t know that although cutting is one of my biggest pet peeves, lying about it is even higher on the list.) Informing me that “there are two lanes open” didn’t help. Obviously anyone could see that the signs indicated that two lanes were open, but if you had been watching at all, you may have noticed that only one was really open (the lack of humans at the second one making it not really open), and going around me to go to the only actually open one doesn’t make any sense. Your extra true colors were shown when I countered with an incredulous “seriously?!?!” and you responded “I didn’t even know you were in line…”

REALLY? I am now confused because were there two lanes open, or did you not know I was in line? Those don’t work as complimentary excuses. At least if you are going to cut in front of me be a man and admit it. Don’t cut and then lie to my face.

You’ll get your chopping soon enough,

P.S. If you even felt bad (hah!) about the child in the cart screaming “hot dogggggggggg” as I quickly stormed out of of Costco so I didn’t physically assault you, don’t worry, I took him to McDonalds instead. He doesn’t even really like hot dogs anyway. (Or McDonalds, I appeased him with goldfish crackers)

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3 Responses to Kostco Karma

  1. aarone says:

    cutters are cowards.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    GOOD FOR YOU. People seriously pull that crap because they think others are too 'polite' to call them on it.

  3. Penny says:

    What a jerk. He's not a nice man, and eventually he WILL get his. Grrrr!!!

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