Marking What’s Not Really Yours

Three weeks ago I left Harmon with my dad for an hour or two. When I picked him up he seemed to be in one piece, and smelled a little bit like my dad. I figured this was normal, as Sammy often smells like whatever lady has been holding her last’s perfume.

What struck me as odd was that after I washed the shirt Harmon had been wearing, it still smelled like my dad’s cologne. And then after he wore it, I washed it again. And it still smelled. And again. And again. Today I put the shirt on Harmon and it STILL smells like a fresh application of my dad’s scent.

Being reminded that he had done this, I sent my dad the following email:

“how many gallons of your cologne did you put on harmon’s shirt a couple weeks ago anyway? I have washed it at least four times and it still reeks strongly of your scent.”

His reply?

From How Stuff Works: “Scent-marking is a perfectly normal and natural behavior that is instinctive in your dog child’s grandfather”. “

You are a freak dad, for real.

(Oh, and the colors? He did those too.)

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3 Responses to Marking What’s Not Really Yours

  1. vanessa joie says:

    Oh my gosh that made me laugh!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That is really, really funny. I love it.

  3. dem dem says:

    No wonder I divorced him. Can you blame me?

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