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Giving Anonymously

The other day my mom told me a story about my grandma. Recently grandma had been evaluating her finances and needed to make some cuts to her budget, and so getting her hair done was going to come off the … Continue reading

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Harmon Turns 18 Months

Amazingly enough Harmon keeps getting older. At 18 months he is large in size, but off the charts in mischievousness. He measures in at: 33.5″ tall, 82.8%27lbs 6.5oz, 70.5%49.5cm head, 90% He is: saying a lot of new words, climbing … Continue reading

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Anything You Can Do…

I can do better… (We borrowed a swing and then bought an almost identical one at a garage sale. Harmon only gets to play with the one we own.)

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The Google

If you are like me, you love google. Anytime you want to know anything, you can find it, even if it takes you a while. If it exists, it’s there. I mean really, what on earth did we do before … Continue reading

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