Harmon Turns 18 Months

Amazingly enough Harmon keeps getting older. At 18 months he is large in size, but off the charts in mischievousness. He measures in at:

33.5″ tall, 82.8%
27lbs 6.5oz, 70.5%
49.5cm head, 90%

He is: saying a lot of new words, climbing everywhere, being a little bit more careful (not jumping down the stairs), helping clean up (and then re-scatter), getting better at building towers, and reaching everything we thought was safely out of reach

He loves: bikes, outside, cars, trucks, playing in all his sister’s baby toys/bath, running, kicking balls, playing basketball, playing in dad’s truck and honking the horn, playing “choo choo” with aunt Eden, dancing on the back porch, shouting “hooray” and singing “if you’re happy and you know it”, pasta with red sauce, screaming for a “treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!”

He turned 18 months last Saturday, and we had Stake Conference the next day (totally unfair), but this Sunday he went to nursery by himself and loved it. We are happy to have him go, because now at least one of us will get to go to class.

Here are several pictures of our big boy:

P.S. If you want to see all our April Pictures they are now online here.

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One Response to Harmon Turns 18 Months

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ha ha. He's so cute.

    Abby just saw his picture and said, "Harmon needs to go to timeout!!!" :).

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