Sweatpant Overalls, STOLEN!

I am angry. What’s worse, I am angry at perhaps my favorite show.

Several years ago I came up with a genius idea, combining the two most wonderful things into one product: sweatpant overalls. You know, because sweats are so comfortable but you need something a little fancier to wear out of the house so you combine them with overalls and walah. I know, super good idea. I just haven’t made them yet.

Tonight we were watching 30 Rock and they aired a “fake” commercial for Pajamaralls. Yes, PJs + Overalls. I can now only assume that Tina Fey has been reading my blog, because I do in fact have the idea documented right here on my other blog on 1/26/08. I suppose I should be happy to have my genius showcased on 30 Rock, but really I’m just mad that when I create them everyone will just assume I copied the show.

Serves me right, I should have been a little speedier in the production phase. But seriously, I can’t decide what is worse: the fact that sweatpant overalls have been stolen from me, or the fact that I actually really am angry.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, the great ideas that I've that other people have come up with, too. Too numerous to count. I'm especially bitter when they came out with it 200 years ago. Hello! That's not fair! I wasn't even alive then.

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