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Last Day of the Twenties

Today I found myself whining in my head about how I was spending my last day of being 29.  “I shouldn’t have to clean my toilets on my LAST day of my twenties!”  “I shouldn’t have to sweep up the … Continue reading

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“Helpful” Old Ladies

These ladies are in every country. Mostly here they tell me to dress my children more warmly, which I have decided is largely cultural as the temperature never drops below 55 in the daytime, so 60 is cold, and I … Continue reading

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Dental Hygiene

Last night at 10pm: Aaron: I brushed my teeth. Kelsey: Congratulations. Aaron: When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Kelsey: Rude! Aaron: So last week? Kelsey: No! Today. Midday. Aaron: Not one of those 10 second brushes like … Continue reading

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Housecleaning tips

You know a lot about your housekeeping skills when your 2-year-old rips the cushions (or cushies in our house) off the couch and declares: “It’s a messy day, we need to vacuum!” and will not let up until you give … Continue reading

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Priorities, people.

A really good mom would just snuggle their child when they woke up. A really good blogger would take a picture first.

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A Double Shot of Merry

I’m not really sure why Aaron said I was cruel…

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Sometimes I wish I was a celebrity

Most because then the paparazzi would have taken a sweet picture of me getting my brows threaded at the mall with Harmon strapped into an umbrella stroller eating ritz crackers (and complaining) while Sammy squirmed around (and complained) trying to … Continue reading

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Sweatpant Overalls, STOLEN!

I am angry. What’s worse, I am angry at perhaps my favorite show. Several years ago I came up with a genius idea, combining the two most wonderful things into one product: sweatpant overalls. You know, because sweats are so … Continue reading

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Let’s face it, I’m a jerk.

Recently one of my sweet cousins posted something on facebook about someone leaving her a mean note on her car. It made her sad, as it should when someone does something mean to you. And all her friends who commented … Continue reading

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