Y Seguimos

I will try to write a less lengthy blog this time, and maybe more interesting too.

On Saturday we went to the boy´s orphanage where Sor Teresa works. Right now there are 5 boys there, ages 7-12 and we played a rousing game of futbol with them. I felt really great because I am slightly better than the 7 year old. I understand that´s pathetic, and what´s worse is he will probably be much better than me in a couple weeks once he realizes most of my ¨moves¨are based on my legs being three times as tall as his. We had a really good time, and will hopefully make Saturday games a routine.

Aaron continues work on the security system at the new orphanage. The company that installed the cameras & wires did an interesting job so he has been hard at work untangling, rearranging, and thinking of how to rewire more effectively. Aaron also has insomnia, which is bad for him, but has turned out to be good for his business. He spends early early mornngs writing out his plans and creating programs or whatever he happens to be currently working on. The lack of sleep has turned into quite a successful start to his business.

I am about ready with my self-esteem class plan. Hopefully that will get started soon. I have been to see a couple of English schools but they all seem to have just started in October, so I have been told either November or January depending on the school. I think I will just put an add in the paper and do private tutorials or small classes from the house.

Speaking of the house we find out tomorrow when we get to move in. We have our fingers crossed for Thursday, or at latest Saturday. Also our house is unfurnished so we have spent many hours in furniture stores comparing prices and making people laugh when we tell them we need a king sized bed because we are so big. We are starting to feel like grownups with all this house furnishing business.

Well, all is good. That´s about all I have to report. I don´t know that I made this any shorter. Chao.

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