Amazing Progress

Well it is day 4 and we have managed to get a lot done around here. We have gotten my phone unblocked so I can use it here (not the same number so dont try. If you want my Ecuador number I will give it to you if you want to spend a lot of money talking to me) got Aaron a phone, opened a bank account, and probably found a place to live.

On Tuesday we went and found Sor Teresa working at the boys orphanage, and she was happy to see us, reporting that she had tried to call me in the US twice but I never answered. We will probably go back to play with the kids on Saturday afternoon or help them with field trips/outings.

We probably have an awesome place to live. Probably means that we have an awesome place that is a brand new house that is being finished that we told the owners we want to rent and they agreed and we are just waiting somewhat impatiently for it to be ready to move into. There is just the slightest chance they will be evil and rent it to someone else before we move in, but we dont think so. Did I mention we are moving into a giant house with three bedrooms a living room huge kitchen, dining room, and a sweet patio/courtyard for me to do all the laundry washing and hanging up on. And its close to the Roseros, and not too far from the center of town. In other words, please come visit us and our ample casa.

Aaron will start Spanish lessons on Monday with the group of volunteers from OSSO. He will be fluent in just a couple of weeks for sure. :) I asked one place about teaching English and they told me to come back tomorrow morning.

We had a yelling match with the people that run the hostel we were staying at. We came home this afternoon to find the window to our room had been left open by the maid…. On the first floor… We were not especially pleased to put it kindly and after a good inventory of our stuff moved out. The window was inside the courtyard but still.

We are still good and safe and in good health. We plan to continue on in a similar fashion.

ALSO! Almost forgot. The new orphanage that OSSO built has this security camera system that no one could figure out how to make work, and after three days of working on it, Aaron saved the day and made it work. There was much rejoicing as no one else knew how to do it, and now Aaron plans a lucrative career in alarm/camera installation.

Ok really thats it. Chao.

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