Spanish Keyboards

My least favorite thing about Ecuador is the Spanish keyboards in internet cafes because you can never find the at symbol.

In better news we made it here alive and safe with all of our massive luggage. We actually didn´t get to the highest weight limit, I was kind of disappointed with my packing skills. But we are here, made it to Quito last night and Cuenca today. We have already been to see a couple apartments, figured out requirements to open a bank account, and hung out with the Roseros.

Sammy (Rosero) didn´t get home from school until 5, so when she got there we hid upstairs and Lorena called her to come up. She came up and hugged Lorena and I snuck out and she screamed and we hugged for a long time. It was great. I forgot to mention Lorena, Rodrigo & Ismael were waiting for us at the airport. Man I love them.

Anyway, this internet is being bad, so I will sign out. Tomorrow we will surprise Sor Teresa, open a bank account, and hopefully look at more places to live. I can´t wait until we have interent to use my own blessed keyboard. Chao.

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4 Responses to Spanish Keyboards

  1. Lois says:

    Kelsey, I got that book that you sent me today in the mail. Thanks! And thank you for the early b-day present, I opened it (oops) and I love it!!!

  2. Demkazoo says:

    Hello my daughter and Kelsey’s husband. I am glad you have arrived safely. I found all the stuff you tried to hide in my garage, and by the way, I went dumpster diving and found a really cool monkey blanket, a green fuzzy, and a way cool shirt that I wore directly out of the garbage can. Thanks for all the stuff. No one has called about your car. Love Mom

  3. Yasmine Galenorn says:

    Ya could let friends know what your blog addy is, you two. *grins* Took me ten whole minutes to punch in the right combo of words on google to bring you up.

    Glad you’re there safe. Enjoy.

    Yasmine (and Samwise, who tore the fingernail off his little finger last night at eleven so we spent two hours down at the Issaquah 24-hour urgent care while they sewed it back onto his finger so a new one can grow beneath it…that was fun. Not).

  4. Jake says:

    I wish I was living in South America. Regular America is lame.

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