We Moved, And it was hot.

Looking for somewhere to live was about as painful as mattress shopping. We have come to suppose that since no one wants to buy a house, the rental market is pretty tight. I don’t think I’ve ever filled out an application to rent with so many pages, or one that has requested my bank account and credit card numbers. Needless to say we either didn’t fill out applications of such a horrifying amount of personal info, or we just left those parts blank. We finally found an amazing place we loved, but the girl that was there right before us was faster. We were sad, but then out of sheer luck (not for her) she was unable to occupy it, so we got a call. We went back to look and sign papers, and now we are stable residents of the state of Washington in South Bellevue for at least a year. Or until we get someone to take over our lease. Which we probably won’t, because we love it so far. If you know where newcastle beach is, we live right down the street from there. Aaron would want me to brag and tell you that we live in the downstairs of a house on the lake, which costs about as much (or in some cases less) than most other places in the area that smell funky and don’t have a nice place to swim at them. Needless to say, we are thrilled. We promise to invite you all over soon. But one at a time, because the parking is a bit annoying for guests.

For those of you who don’t live here, last weekend it was a million degrees. Moving when it is 90 something in Seattle is like torture. Also the aforementioned shopping for mattresses, and Aaron helping someone move on Saturday (besides us) is awful in said heat. But it was all worth it, and this weekend after we bring some more of our junk back from Montana we will be just about all the way settled.

Additionally here is a letter for the lady who sold us the tv at her garage sale:

Dear Lady who pretended to be awesome and trustworthy,

You are not. And you are a liar. Your TV is junky, it is blurry, horrible color and contrast, and not to mention really heavy. I don’t blame you for it being heavy, I already knew that. But the next time you want to sell a crappy crappy tv for $20 you should at least tell the truth, not “we just don’t have it hooked up to cable right now, but I swear it works great”. It can’t even pick up the non-cable channels at our house. The other night we watched the Office on the only channel we get. It was like watching a snowstorm on the Office, you just had to guess who was talking and what their facial expressions looked like. You will be receiving said TV back on your doorstep with a kind note just as soon as I get Aaron to put it back in my car.

Missing watching the View,

Anyway. Our new place is just great. We hope you’ll come visit us soon.

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2 Responses to We Moved, And it was hot.

  1. amy says:

    unethical yard saling behavior should be a capital offense.

    congrats on the move. i hope you never have to do it again. and you made me really want to visit; too bad in order to afford it i would have to consume vermin.

  2. Cheryloxx says:


    We have a TV you could have. It’s not new but it’s not bad. In fact, you can have the DVD player and VCR too if you want.

    Let me know: cheryloxx@msn.com


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