Jury Duty, A Great Way to Make Money

Oh wait, no. For my 3 weeks of service I received a sweet $120, that’s right, $10/day, and free bus tickets to get to and from Seattle. But now it’s done so I can talk ALL about it. I know you are so excited. That’s too bad because you are going to have to wait, because I don’t want to spend 5 hours or even 5 minutes writing about it right now because I am starving. So you will have to wait. But I will tease you with this:

Medical malpractice case of a somali family vs. the University of Washington, claiming UW didn’t deliver their baby by c-section when they should have, giving the baby who is now 5 cerebral palsy. Oooh a cliffhanger…

(I looked to see if the case even made it to the newspapers, but it didn’t, so you will have to wait for me, ooh I’m evil.)

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